Private Jet Hire

Private jet hire is one of the most incredible experiences a person can have. When you travel by private jet you have the flexibility and convenience that no other form of transport can provide. It doesn’t matter what you need a private jet for, whether it be reaching a meeting that is far away, or you want to be the talk of the town at a party, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Private jet hire is adaptable to any situation you may have, ranging from door to door services and different choices of food and drink. There will always be a big list of options to choose from when thinking about your comfort.

Private jet hire companies

Competitive private jet hire companies pride themselves on having experience in providing the highest level of customer service on the world’s best selection of aircraft. Utilizing the private aviation service that they provide allows you to get to any destination in comfort and style. A lot of private jet hire companies will have staff that are available to take requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is so that no matter the situation, whether it be urgent or for leisure, a private jet will be available to you whenever you need one.

The process is incredibly simple. You tell the Private jet hire company the destination you wish to go to. They will then locate the closest and best suited aircraft for your needs. They will also locate the best suited departure point and arrival destination so that you can arrive to your destination with as little hassle as possible.

The private jet hire company will be able to give you a competitive quote so you understand exactly what the costs will be like. Once it has been paid you will have nothing else to worry about, you can simply lie back and wait for the scheduled date for your flight.

Private jet hire benefits

Commercial flights have become almost unbearable as a mode of transport. The smallest of security issues can cause a flight to be delayed by hours. In some cases, a missing passenger means that you have to wait a set period of time before setting off. If you have to be somewhere for a specific time, it can be frustrating having to wait. Waiting times can range anywhere from one to three hours. Private jet hire means that there is very little time wasted waiting around. You only need to be there at least 15 minutes before departure. Because there won’t be as many people on a private flight compared to a commercial flights, there isn’t much chance of any long waits thanks to security issues.

A lot of people choose to fly in first or business class instead of booking a private jet. You may be able to board the plane before anybody else, but you still have to wait around for a certain space of time before flight. You also don’t have complete privacy from your fellow passengers, remember that you are still on a plane with a bunch of strangers. Private jet hire companies normally have their own dedicated team of consultants that will ensure that your experience is tailored for your specific requirements. The jets can range from cargo planes, VIP airliners, small business jets, and that is just naming a few. When you take a journey in a private jet, you will wonder how you spent so long travelling on commercial flights!

Commercial airlines will not accommodate for the situation you are in. It doesn’t matter if your meeting or event runs over a specific time, they will simply fly to their destination and leave you having to pay for another flight. Last minute flights can often be incredibly expensive, and sometimes if there are no flights in a reasonable time you can find yourself waiting for a long time before you can actually go to your destination. Private jet hire companies understand that both meetings and events can run later than expected. They will never leave until you have got on board and given permission to fly.

Because of commercial flights running to a timetable, you normally have to be very careful when planning different meetings for one day. If you miss a single flight, the rest of your day will be messed up and you are not able to travel to where you are going until a later time, or sometimes a later date. The majority of private hire jets will be more than happy to transport you to various destinations throughout the day. You can be having breakfast in one country at the beginning of the day, and eating out a restaurant in another country in the evening. Private jet hire companies will make sure that you can be at any of your set destinations for a reasonable time.

It is entirely possible that you may need to leave in a very short space of time. Emergency meetings can appear at any time of the day, and they can sometimes be in another country. The majority of private jet hire companies do their best to deal with these situations. Most competitive jet hire companies can get you a jet from within 2 hours of confirmation. With only a 15 minute waiting time at the airport you can be on your way to the destination in no time at all.

Space is a concerning part of any journey. On commercial flights there are specific luggage restrtictions that are strictly enforced. You are only allowed one item of hand baggage that fits a certain dimension. Your main baggage has to be a certain weight, and if it goes over the minimum weight you can end up paying a lot of extra money or even for an extra flight so that your baggage can be on it. The only restrictions you have with private jets is the restriction that a specific aircraft has. You can take as much luggage as you want, as long as follows the maximum weight that the aircraft can handle. Even some of the lightest jets offer much better convenience compared to commercial flights.

When on a commercial jet, the majority of times you have the option of your own food and drink. Don’t even think about the terrible, vacuum packed foods you get on a commercial flight. Private jet hire companies normally have their very own kitchen team that will especially create a menu that is suited to your specific situation, or simply to your personal taste. They can provide the highest standard of food and drink that can be associated with this sort of luxurious travel. It doesn’t matter what your personal tastes are, your flight will be catered to your exact needs. It can vary from the finest food and drink such as veal and lobster, to something more basic such as crisps, fish fingers and fizzy drinks.

In modern times, people want to take their pet with them on holiday. Even some of the biggest commercial plane companies won’t allow people to bring their furry friend with them on board. They state that the animal may disturb the other passengers, as well as being a general nuisance. It has been stated that two in five British people take their pet with them on holiday. With this many people taking their pet with them on holiday, there has never been more of a demand for a way to get a pet abroad. Private jet hire companies don’t usually mind if you bring a pet on board, as long as it has an up to date passport.

Types of Jets

Light jets

Midsize jets

Heavy jets

There are so many different private jets that you can be certain that there is a specific jet that can cater to your needs. They are all designed to provide you with the most comfort so that they offer more than just a journey. With so many different destinations for you to see, hiring a private jet can guarantee to be of the best experiences you may ever have.