International Private Jet Charter

International private jet charter is a unique and highly enjoyable form of air travel, and can be either luxurious or executive - a lot of the time it’s both. Though many people who charter private aircraft do so to get from one place to another within the country they’re already in, there also also a great many people who need their chartered private aircraft to travel to another country (or number of countries). There can be for a whole number of reasons why someone would charter a private jet for international travel - such as business and leisure.

International private jet charter for business

One of the most popular reasons people will charter a private jet for international travel is because they need it for business purposes. Unlike the vast majority of commercial airline flights, private jet flights are tailored exactly to the specific wants and needs of the passenger (or group of passengers). When you have an business meeting or presentation across the other side of the world, a stressful and uncomfortable flight can be the very last thing you need - the chances are it will not prepare you well for when you land, and the trip could prove either unproductive or a waste altogether. With a luxurious and bespoke private charter jet flight, however, you will be able to get in the zone whichever way you would like: you can choose to do some work on the plane in peace and quiet, catch up on some much needed rest, or even indulge in some in-flight entertainment such as a film or a spot of television.

This is the beauty of international private jet charter: you can do whatever you want to do whilst you’re on-board, whether your flight is three hours in duration or 12. If you have a highly important deal to close, or are flying to attend a conference spanning over several days, choosing a chartered private jet for your travel overseas is a wonderful choice. Whether you want to work, rest or have fun during the journey, you will enjoy some privacy regardless. From the moment you step aboard the aircraft, everything will be done to ensure that you have the very best private charter jet experience imaginable, and your pilot and flight attendant(s) will be totally dedicated to further facilitating your comfort; this way, whenever you get to where you’re going - whether that’s New York, Tokyo or Zurich, you will be ready to seize the day and do exactly what you came to do.

International private jet charter for leisure

As well as chartering private jets for business, many will choose to do so for leisure purposes as well. A chartered private jet will get you to your holiday destination in true style; you will enjoy a journey that is direct yet elegant, and you will enjoy an enviable degree of comfort. We all tailor our holiday itineraries to our own preferences and personalities, so why should your flight be any different? Many commercial flights can be, quite frankly, unenjoyable - particularly the longer ones. A long journey on a private charter jet, however, will offer you a flight experience like no other.

You will be able to choose your own plane based on what you want out of your private charter jet - they come in all different sizes and will many choices of interiors and on-board facilities. If you would like a lounge-like cabin, you can have it; if you would like a jet with a huge entertainment system so you can wile away the hours watching some films or TV, you can do; if you would like a cabin you can just switch off and enjoy a good snooze in, you can do. An international private jet charter flight is exactly what the passenger makes of it - they are supposed to be bespoke and specific to the wants and needs of their passengers, so taking advantage of the choice and facilities is something you must do. You must also enjoy the fantastic customer service provided by your crew; your flight attendant will make sure you never go thirsty or hungry, and will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable at all times during the flight.

The types of private jets used for international flights

Of course, as most international private jet charter flights will be considerably longer than your average intra-country flight, different aircraft are used. This is for a number of reasons. Jets which fall into the ‘light’ category are usually the types of planes you would catch on an intra-country private charter flight, but these are generally not suitable for lengthier international flights (they may get you to Paris or somewhere relatively close to the UK, but not much further). Light jets have limited range, and so this is the main reason they are not used - instead, midsize, super midsize and heavy jets are used for international flights, depending on where you’re going.

Midsize jets

Most midsize jets are designed to house between six and eight passengers comfortably, and are the next step up from the light jet category. As you would imagine, these midsize ones are slightly larger, both in terms of the cabin space and the overall size of the aircraft. Unlike many light jets, you usually get the option of a flight attendant when you charter a midsize jet - this is because the vast majority of light jet journeys are too short in duration to require one, whilst midsize jets can take passengers further and thereby warrant an attendant to provide food and refreshments, delivering unrivalled service, of course.

The midsize jet’s range makes it ideal for travel across and within Europe, and its size makes it perfect for such a journey too. Whether you need to travel from London to Geneva, or London to Athens, a midsize jet will get you there is comfort and unparalleled style. The midsize jet is the perfect option for those looking to experience executive travel on medium-length journeys.

Super midsize jets

As may be evident from the name of this category of jets, this is the next step up from midsize jets, which enhances the private charter jet experience even more and allows for a slightly higher passenger capacity. Usually built to house between 10 and a dozen people, super midsize jets are ideal for larger parties, and for that reason they tend to come with a flight attendant as standard as opposed to optionally. You and your party will be able to sit back and relax and allow the crew member(s) to take care of you all, and they will make sure that your every want and need is met.

It’s also pretty much a given that this category will feature a great range of facilities, such as in-flight entertainment and also a luxuriously spacious cabin which is furnitured with a range of seating and lounging areas. You can ensure that as well as being able to enjoy the fantastic customer service offered by the flight attendant, you will also be able to stretch out and enjoy the space available to you.

Most super midsize jets have the range to get you from London to New York, and of course other places that are an equal or similar distance away. The great deal of space per person you’ll have in your cabin - even when the super midsize jet is at full capacity - means that you’ll be able to stretch out no matter what and enjoy your own space. This is important on rather lengthy international flights, of course, because it will mean that you can relax a little better. There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped and a tad claustrophobic on a long flight, and with a super midsize jet you’ll be sure to avoid the possibility of that sort of experience altogether - super midsize jets are an ideal way to travel long distances.

Heavy jets

Again, this category of jets is aptly named, as it perfectly describes the sort of aircraft you can expect when you charter it. A heavy jet truly offers an incredible amount of space, and takes that super midsize jet spaciousness up a notch. Heavy jets tend to be designed to hold between a dozen and 16 or so passengers, and are generally huge inside the cabin. This is the category you can expect to see enormous comfy chairs in, as well as a dining area, a lounging area and even an entertainment area.

The heavy jet is designed to provide a consistent level of supreme comfort throughout long flights, and this is why their facilities are so impressive and deluxe. Most heavy jets can travel around 6,000 miles - some can go even further than that - and so this makes them absolutely ideal for transatlantic flights or even flights to, say, Japan.

You are bound to fly long distances - as in, several thousand miles - when you charter a heavy jet, and you can rest assured that the experience will not be tiresome or frustrating in the slightest. Whereas your average transatlantic commercial flight can turn rather boring or even annoying once you reach the halfway point or so, a transatlantic chartered private jet flight will be enjoyable throughout; you will enjoy your own privacy (or privacy within your group) and not have to deal with the noisiness and claustrophobia that many commercial flights inevitably bring.

Airliners and executive airliners

Boeing planes and ones of a similar size are the types of aircraft which would fit into this category. Make no mistake, though - a private charter airliners is guaranteed to provide a level of comfort and excellence which is a cut above that of a commercial airliner. They can carry larger groups of people and travel great distances, so for many bigger parties they provide the perfect solution. There are also often fantastic in-flight entertainment facilities and of course there is that outstanding customer service which comes as standard in private flights. Even though the plane is much bigger than your average jet and can house many more people, you will still be ensured an unbelievably comfy ride and a great level of space.

So why choose a chartered private jet for international travel?

Outstanding customer service

Private charter jet staff are at all times one hundred percent committed to ensuring that every passenger is completely comfortable and enjoying their flight experience. Whether there is one passenger or a dozen, it doesn’t matter - every crew member will make the experience memorable and fantastic for you. Your flight attendant will do absolutely everything in their power to make sure that there is not a single point during your flight in which you are dissatisfied or uncomfortable. As many international flights can be rather lengthy, your jet will be stocked up with food, refreshments and amusements - all you need to do is communicate this when you book your private charter. As you are likely to only be travelling in a relatively small group (if not by yourself), your flight attendant will be fully focused on providing you (or your group) alone with flawless, friendly and professional customer service.

Direct, executive travel

Getting from A to B doesn’t come any more enjoyable than a chartered private jet, and this is especially the case when you’re flying internationally. As many international flights can be rather long in duration, you will require excellent service, a good amount of personal space and ready access to refreshments and food. With a private jet charter flight, you get all of these things. You will get to your destination as quickly as possible, but of course sometimes your journey will be long no matter what. The feeling of elegance and luxury one can experience on a private flight is unbeatable - and you are guaranteed to enjoy every second of it. Whether you’re flying for business or for leisure, you will find your international private jet charter flight meets your every need - it is perfectly tailored to you.