How do you charter a plane?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for information on air charter services for businesses. We also have all you need to know about private air charter as well as helicopter charter and air cargo charter, but on this page you will find everything there is to know about how to charter a plane. Chartering your own aircraft is incredibly easy, whatever your reasons for doing so. The main purposes for chartering or hiring a plane are for executive business trips and VIP journeys whilst holiday companies charter larger aircraft to take passengers to exotic destinations.

A chartered flight differs from a commercial flight. This is because it is not scheduled and is tailored exactly to the plans of the customer, whoever they may be. The types of aircraft you can charter differ in their size, range and capabilities. Those who charter a plane like to travel in style, comfort and enjoy the fact that it allows you to travel directly to your destination - in some cases avoiding the hassles of public terminal buildings and airport security.

Chartering your own plane has never been easier, or cheaper. Many enjoy the fact that you don’t get the issues that you nearly always come across with commercial flying. These include overcrowding, the lack of legroom and the less than tasty food! If you or your client can afford to, why not charter your own plane? Enjoying the exclusivity of your own private jet as you travel between London and Paris on business, or being served champagne as you head to the Caribbean on a holiday with your VIP buddies is not to be missed.

The types of aircraft you can charter include:

Each type of aircraft caters for the different needs of its passengers. You wouldn’t charter a turboprop to fly from Edinburgh to Miami, you would be better off with a long range jet or even an airliner if you are looking to carry hundreds of people along with lots of heavy luggage. It is important to understand which planes suits your needs.

As well as the VIP and business journeys which aircraft are chartered for, there is also the less glamorous side. Many holiday companies charter aircraft to transport masses of holiday makers to destinations throughout the world, either chasing the sun in the summer or looking for fresh snow on skiing getaways in the winter. Flying has made the world smaller; it is now much easier to be on the other side of the globe in a matter of hours. Some chartering companies take enquiries online and offer rapid responses, ensuring customers get the luxury aircraft that they require, in the shortest timeframe possible if necessary.

You may be looking for an aircraft for yourself or your client. Either way, we will cover all you need to know about chartering for business use, personal use, and also if you are a holiday company looking for a larger aircraft to take holidaymakers to their destination.

Want to charter your own plane?

Where do you start if you want to charter your own aircraft? What do you need to organise in order to make sure you are equipped with a luxury jet or airliner? Most private jet charter companies will offer a range of different planes, from smaller turboprops to airliners, but they won’t all be the one for you.

Consider these things:

Most private charter companies have quick quote capabilities on their websites where it allows you to enter the airport you want to depart from and arrive at. You also enter the date of your journey and the number of passengers who will be travelling. This will match you up with an aircraft in a short amount of time.

Charter companies will offer additional extras with their services, which include:

It is in the interest of charter companies to offer modern, efficient aircraft which combine all of the latest technologies and keep executive business passengers happy as well as VIP’s or celebrities. When enquiring about chartering your own private jet, you will be able to tailor your service to your budget as well as designing your own itinerary, timing and adding any additional extras to your trip. You could even choose your favourite pilots and cabin crew.

Many people don’t have enough time to spend endless hours dealing with travel arrangements. This is why chartering companies will do the work for you in the most efficient manner possible. As a result, all you have to really do is be on the plane when it takes off for your journey.

There are certain air charter companies who have advanced filters on their sites which will even let you know if certain planes cannot land at certain airports due to the length of the runway. They will also give discount on plane journeys if they cannot reach the destination, or need to stop too many times to refuel.

How much does it cost?

If we were to go into the full costs of chartering your own aircraft on this site, we would be here forever. There is no definitive cost for air charter; this is because there are a wealth of different planes available as well as the many different airports across the world with different distances between them. These variables affect the amount spent on things like fuel and expenditure on food and paying pilots and cabin crew.

For example, if you wanted to fly from London Heathrow to Paris Charles de Gaulle in August 2014 with two people on board, these are the different prices you would expect to pay in a range of different sized aircraft:

These are only estimated prices, but you can see the differences between prices of the different types of aircraft. It is recommended that for that particular journey, a small jet is chosen because it is ideal for short to mid-range city hops. They can also travel further and faster than prop aircraft and are highly efficient.

By simply entering in a couple of details, information on flights between airports across the world can be gathered. It is an easy process, and once you have the details that you need it is advisable to speak directly to the company to arrange any specific details or even broker a better deal!

Business charter

Many businesses toy with the idea of buying their own private jet for flying to conferences or meetings across the world. While it may seem like a good idea if you are looking to fly say, 800 hours per year, there is more to consider than that. Your choice should not depend on how many hours you fly, but what type of usage you want from a private aircraft. By this, we mean that you may want to fly from a number of different locations at the same time, on the same day. What good would one aircraft be then?

If you need to be flying out of several different regions for trips which last 1-2 day, buying a private jet would not be the right choice for you. Chartering would allow you to be flexible, choosing when and where you want a jet without actually committing to actually purchasing your own plane.

One more thing to consider is pilots and cabin crew. If you are leaving for a three week business trip you don’t want the hassle of having to accommodate them and also finding an expensive hanger for the jet to be housed in. This is where chartering comes into play; you can benefit from the flexibility it offers. Strike up a good relationship with a charter company who can help you and your specific flying requirements.

The less glamorous commercial flying is becoming, the more attractive chartering your own plane becomes. It is well worth looking into it as an option, you can benefit from being able to organise one-way travel, simultaneous use of planes across different areas of the country or globe. Don’t buy a private jet just because you need to fly lots of hours each year, be pragmatic with your decisions and consider chartering.

It is now not just celebrities who can charter planes, they are now becoming much more affordable meaning everyday people can benefit from ditching commercial travel.

Where can you travel to?

There are no restrictions on where you can travel with a chartered aeroplane. Any airport in the world can be reached. A charter company will find the aircraft to suit your needs. So if you are planning on travelling to Los Angeles for a party or need to hop over to Berlin for business, you can rest assured that the expert knowledge of the charter company will get you hooked up with a plane which offers every single thing you need. This includes everything from flight food to any additional fees once you reach your destination.

Empty legs

Empty legs is a new phenomenon which allows passengers to jump on board private jets which are travelling with possibly just a pilot and co-pilot onboard. It is estimated that each month there are 3,000 private jets flying around, making around 40,000 flights with nobody but the pilots making the journey. Empty legs allows low cost, last minute private jet charter to be more accessible than ever before.

The benefits include the fact that passengers only have to arrive at the airport minutes ahead of takeoff. You are able to use your mobile phone on the journey and if you want to take pets then they can travel with you in the cabin. It is well worth taking a look online at Empty Legs to see if there is a journey which could help you or your client.

There is no doubt that private charter has become accessible to many more people. It is now not just wealthy business executives and celebrities who can afford travel via their own chartered jets. The many websites which are now online offer a quick quotation as well as information on the type of aircraft your are able to travel in. You can really organise the charter of your own aircraft in minutes!

If you are looking for a convenient and efficient way to travel, look no further than chartering your own plane. Private jet hire is an excellent option for businesses, individuals or holiday companies looking to create their own bespoke journeys which mean travelling from A to B, and arriving in style. Look no further than the Charter Private Jets website for everything you need to know about air charter services, cargo charter or helicopter charter.