Helicopter Charter

Helicopter charter is one of the most popular forms of aircraft charter in the UK. It is ideal for intra-country travel when you need to be somewhere at short notice or need the journey to take as little time as possible. There is arguably no other form of intra-country travel that is as efficient both in terms of time and cost combined. Helicopter charter can be much more economically logical for many people who charter aircraft - the cost is not as high to charter helicopters as it is to charter other aircraft such as light jets or midsize jets.

Regardless of what you are chartering a helicopter for, you are guaranteed a profession, premium service which is both enjoyable and memorable. You can also choose from quite a few different types of helicopters - there are more basic ones which are ideal for extremely short trips and will be extremely cost effective to charter, whilst there are also more luxurious and deluxe helicopters for when the occasion calls for that extra level of classiness and prestige.

Helicopter charter for business

One of the main uses for chartered helicopters is business - they are perfect for it. Chartering a helicopter will allow you to get to where you need to be in great comfort and luxury, but more importantly in a fast, direct and efficient way. Helicopter charter is one of the leading methods of transport for numerous businesses and businesspeople across the United Kingdom, because it allows passengers to travel great distances in short spaces of time.

Why should you charter a helicopter for business?

What’s the one thing that can be a businessperson’s nightmare when travelling on the road? That’s right - traffic. Sometimes, no matter how much time you allow yourself to get from A to B, or how early you set off, there’s nothing that can be done once you hit traffic. One of the main advantages of helicopter charter for business is that traffic is totally eliminated from the equation - you may well see it below you but you won’t have to worry about it whatsoever.

Another great aspect of helicopter travel is the marvellous views of the countryside you can take in and appreciate whilst you enjoy your journey. The UK has some of the most beautiful scenery you can imagine - we just don’t see much of it or take it in properly because some of us see it day in and day out. From the view of a helicopter, however, you’ll see the British countryside like you never have before and will see what you’ve been missing out on; just because you’re travelling for business purposes, that doesn’t mean that you have to endure a dull or uninspiring journey.

All you have to do is simply step out of your car and straight into the helicopter - it couldn’t be easier. There is absolutely no hassle involved, and your pilot will welcome you aboard and make sure you are comfortable and ready for your journey. Once you’ve been on a chartered helicopter for business purposes, you’ll realise what a pleasurable and trouble-free process travelling by helicopter is.

Helicopter charter is one of the best ways to get in or out of central London on a busy day - morning or evening. It’s no secret that navigating around central London by car can be, well, rather taxing both mentally and physically. Even the train and the London underground and overground services can often be rather unenjoyable - particularly on busy days. A chartered helicopter journey will take all the hassle out of your journey into or out of London, and will be well worth the money. Not only will the journey be much less hassle on your part and much more enjoyable, but it will be far quicker than a car, a train, a tube or any other form of transport (besides a jet, that is - though they are more expensive).

Helicopter charter is an executive form of travel which is affordable and suitable for many businesses or businesspeople.

Helicopter charter for leisure

Another reason people across the United Kingdom charter helicopters is for leisure purposes. You may be wondering what you could possible do leisure-wise which would call for helicopter travel. Well, a number of things, as it happens!

Marriage proposals

First of all, marriage proposals by helicopter are proving to be rather popular these days - though not so much as to make them cliched. Taking your loved one up in a helicopter to allow them to take in and appreciate the beauty of the British countryside can prove an excellent way to get them to answer ‘yes’ to that all important question; it also shows that you’ve thought outside the box and gone to a little bit of expense (though less than you might think), which demonstrates how much you care.

Wedding anniversaries

Of course, wedding anniversaries can be very special and meaningful to many couples. What better way to celebrate than by booking a nice meal somewhere and travelling there by helicopter? It’s a unique way of getting there, and also means that you’ll eliminate the chances of the day being spoiled or tarnished by tiresome road traffic. Whether the place you’re going to dine is a swanky London establishment, a little-known delight in Kent, or a restaurant in Paris, you can rest assured that a helicopter will get you there without all the hassle of driving (or flying, or ferrying then driving, in the case of Paris).

Music festival and concert travel

It’s no secret that here in Britain we love our music festivals and concerts. We’ve got the world-famous Glastonbury, the understated Kendal Calling, Leeds and Reading for the younger and wilder crowds, as well as countless festivals dedicated the classical music and opera, for the more cultured clientele. On top of this, there are numerous folk and jazz festivals for those with more specific tastes. Helicopter charter is a fantastic way to make the festival that little bit more special and memorable, and is not as costly as you might think. You’ll arrive in no time at all from when you set off, and your journey will be relaxing all the same. You’ll avoid all the traffic and the headaches that can come with organising travel for a group of people by car - by hopping in a helicopter you’ll be doing yourselves a huge favour, and a treat. Just imagine it - on the way to Glastonbury you’ll be able to take in the surrounding countryside and maybe even see the wonderful Roman city of Bath from a birdseye view (if you’re coming from further north). If you’re attending a big gig in Hyde Park, you’ll be able to dodge all the stress-inducing London traffic by travelling by helicopter - you won’t regret it for a second, especially after the fact when you realise just how much more pleasurable it’s made the day.

Stag/Hen events

A pre-marriage stag or hen event can be one of the highlights of your year - whether it’s yours or a friend’s. A helicopter charter taking you from place to place (or simply taking you to one venue) can be the perfect complimenting experience. Imagine it - a pub crawl around a bunch of country pubs by helicopter. A lot of stag and hen events fall into the trap of being somewhat predictably and unmemorable in the grand scheme of things. Whether it’s your event or your friend’s, you’ll no doubt want it to be memorable - a chartered helicopter can achieve that for you.

Horse racing events

A day at the races can be one of the annual highlights in many people’s diaries. It’s a day where you can enjoy some traditional luxury and truly indulge in some great cuisine, drink and conversation. That said, there’s no reason why everything about the journey has to be executed in an archaic and traditional fashion - why not charter a helicopter to take you to or from the races (or both)? You can get to Cheltenham, the Royal Ascot, Aintree, the Epsom Derby and countless other horse racing events via chartered helicopter, and you will be sure to announce your presence vibrantly yet tastefully in such a manner. This is especially a great option if you’re travelling from another part of the country, as you’ll get there much quicker than you would by car or by train, and you’ll also be able to take in the countryside and maybe a few cities from an aerial perspective if you’re lucky.

Film, television and photography

Ever seen a breathtaking shot in a film which presents a birdseye view of a city or a stretch of countryside? Well, the chances are that it was filmed (or taken, in the case of a photograph) from a helicopter. The space inside a helicopter means that you can fit all your camera equipment in and take some unique and impressive shots. They can be just what you need to make your film or programme that little bit more professional-looking or eye-catching. Film-goers and programme-watchers react extremely well to impressive and memorable cinematography, and so the cost of a chartered helicopter to capture those wonderful shots will pay for itself, in a sense.

The beauty of travelling by chartered helicopter

The promptness and discreetness of travelling by helicopter is quite frankly unrivalled (bar private jet, perhaps - but not many intra-country journeys call for private jet travel). It is a direct and prestigious form of travel, which can be the perfect solution for many travel situations. Getting from one part of the country to another is made extremely easy by chartered helicopter journeys, because the traffic on the roads and the limited speed of travelling on the road is of course not an issue whatsoever here.

Whatever you need out of your travel arrangements, a chartered helicopter journey will take care of it from start to finish, and ensure that there is a clear and foolproof travel itinerary - regardless of your reasons for travel or the nature of your journey, whether it is for business or for pleasure. The service provided by helicopter charter companies is a massive priority of theirs, because they realise that their customers and clients pay a lot of money for the services they provide. For that reason, they continuously look to improve their services and enhance the customer experience wherever possible; you can rest assured that throughout the entirety of your chartered helicopter journey, you will be taken care of in a professional and friendly manner by the pilot and any other crew members. They are there to make your journey as enjoyable as possible - it’s as simple and as plain as that.

No chartered helicopter journey is too short or too long (the latter within reason, of course!), and you can be sure that no matter whether your journey takes 20 minutes or three hours, you will receive the same great level of customer service and wonderful treatment. As well as providing quicker, more deluxe and less stressful travel to passengers, chartered helicopter journeys are there to be enjoyed. (Here’s a blog post about chartering helicopters for leisure in Canada. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a similar experience here in the UK with some of our natural wonders.)

There are a great many companies all over the United Kingdom who specialise in the provision of professional and magnificent helicopter charter experiences. You won’t regret choosing a chartered helicopter as your means of travel once you have experienced it, and may well wonder why it’s never occurred to you before now to try it out. Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, there’s a helicopter charter which will suit your needs perfectly and ensure that you get from A to B quickly. Not only will you enjoy hassle-free travel at an impressive speed, but you will enjoy the journey thoroughly and get to see the countryside like you never have before. (Here’s an article about the world’s ‘coolest’ helicopter rides, which should demonstrate just how amazing a chartered helicopter can be.) The thrill of travelling in the air is something we can all enjoy - even if your journey is for business rather than pleasure. Helicopter charter is one of the best options for anyone who needs to travel within a country and quickly.