Charter Flight

Private jet hire or deciding to charter for business can be an ideal travel option for any company or individual. Aircraft charter or even helicopter charter can allow you or your entire business to travel quickly and efficiently between special events, conferences, sporting events across the country or the world. Alternatively, aircrafts are chartered by holiday companies in order to transport holiday makers to specific destinations. If you want to find an air charter service which offers great value whilst being incredibly easy to organise for yourself or your client, take a look around the charter private jets website for all the information you need on this exclusive and modern way to travel.

What is a charter flight?

A charter flight is a flight where booking is not scheduled; the flight is tailored exactly to the passenger’s plans. Chartered flights are most commonly found as part of a holiday package. The holiday company will hire a plane to fly to a specific destination on a certain day to a planned airport, this could be a popular seaside holiday town or skiing village. A charter service allows passengers to take a more direct route to their destination, avoiding hassle, delays and issues which are common in commercial flight services.

Air charter means hiring a whole aircraft as opposed to individual aircraft seats, companies usually offer a wide range of aircraft, such as helicopters and private jets, as well as turboprops, mid-size jets, light jets, heavy jets as well as large airliners. Flights always take place outside of normal schedules, via a hiring arrangement with the customer.

The difference is that seats are not sold to individuals, but the whole aircraft is chartered by a company themselves in order for them to organise their packages to their chosen destination, be it the Costa del Sol, Croatia or any other popular holiday location. This also extends to chartering for skiing trips to the Alps in France or Switzerland for example. On occasions you will find that sports teams, companies or the military will opt to charter an aircraft in order to travel to their destination.

Wikipedia gives this description of charter flight:

A flight by an aircraft chartered for a specific journey, not part of an airline’s regular schedule.

As well as hiring larger airliners, it is possible to charter smaller jets for business purposes. There are a wealth of different aircraft types available to suit the needs of any sort of different company, be it for private reasons or a holiday company looking to offer cheap, swift transportation for their customers who are travelling abroad with their friends or families. All they need to do is turn up with their passports and ticket in order to travel to their destinations, before then enjoying their holiday which tend to be all inclusive, with food, drinks and entertainment included in the package as well as the outbound and inbound flights.

How to charter a flight

If you are looking to charter a flight, you need to take a look online and find the charter company which suits your requirements. The decision you make will depend on the specific type of charter you need. There are links throughout this page which will take you to information on charter flight, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive service where all your charter flight questions are answered.

Chartering an aircraft can have a number of great benefits for you or your client, including:

  1. Convenience
  2. Quality
  3. Cost

Who is air charter for?

Business customers

Chartering for business is all about getting from A to B as quick as possible. Timing is key when there are conferences and meetings to attend, as well as clients to visit. Chartering a jet can be hugely beneficial and services can be tailored to suit your needs. It may be the case that you require space for a number of guests or employees over a large distance, you may then need a larger aircraft such as a Boeing or Airbus aircraft. You may need to travel over a short distance with just a couple of passenger. In that case you may require a helicopter, charter companies will tailor their service for your exact considerations.

Business jets are often kitted out with plush yet practical interiors. They are long range aircraft which can fly further and faster than anything else in the sky. When chartering an aircraft for business purposes, there will be a captain and first officer as well as experienced, friendly cabin crew who will ensure you fly in maximum comfort.

Holiday companies

As well as chartering for business purposes, aircraft charter is synonymous with summertime travel. Holiday makers in Britain travel from airports like Manchester, Luton, Gatwick or Liverpool John Lennon to destinations like Kefalonia, Lanzarote, Orlando and Fuerteventura as well as an increasing number who travel to winter destinations for ski-holidays.

Tour operators who put holiday packages together will charter or lease and aircraft. Travellers don’t buy a ticket for from the company who operate the flight; they buy them from the tour operator who operate the flight. If you are a holiday company who is looking to charter an aircraft, take a look online for all the available options, airports and destinations which are available and are best suited for you.


When looking to book onto a charter flight as an individual, you should think strategically. Delay the purchasing of your ticket until just before you are wanting to travel. This is because the price of tickets usually drops because airlines must sell seats or otherwise lose money on the flight. Always know where you are flying to as chartered flights usually fly into smaller provincial airports. Holidaymakers will nearly always have a transfer arranged as part of the package, ensure to check out local transport or taxi companies before you travel.

For individual charter, shop around. Flights on tuesday, wednesday or Thursday are generally cheaper than at the weekend.

What types of aircraft are you able to charter?

It depends on what your needs are, but here is a rundown of the best and most popular aircraft which are chartered by businesses, holiday companies and individuals:


Prop planes are the perfect way to travel to smaller airports with shorter runways. They are a practical way to hop between two destinations whilst being comfortable and extremely convenient. Turboprops are similar to private jet travel in their luxuries, many have capacity for between four and ten passengers and are great for travelling between offices and meetings. Turboprops benefits from the smooth and comfortable ride whilst being nimble enough to avoid bad weather, meaning appointments will always be able to be kept.

Some of the most popular turboprops at the moment include:

  1. Beech King Air 90
  2. Beech King air 350
  3. Beech Super King Air 200
  4. Fairchild (Swearingen)
  5. Piaggio 180
  6. Piper Cheyenne

Turboprops are suited more towards business and individual charter, they offer generous cabin space which aim to offer unrivalled comfort for high end business executives.

Small jets

Ever since private planes came onto the scene, small jets have been popular. They offer super range, meaning they can transport business passengers to airports right across the world with ease. Passengers can be flown either continental or across different continents in order to make business meetings. Celebrities and VIP’s also favour the chartering of small jets to travel from city to city.

Some of the most popular small jets at the moment include:

  1. Beechjeet 400 / Hawker 400 XP
  2. Citation Jet 1
  3. Citation Jet 2
  4. Citation Jet 3
  5. Citation V / Ultra / Encore
  6. Lear 40
  7. Lear 45
  8. Premier 1
  9. Citation Mustang

Midsize jets

Midsize jets are what people think of when talking about small private business jets. The Lear 60 is the pinup aircraft for this particular aircraft class, many of midsize jets can carry up to ten passengers in luxurious comfort. They are fast, lightweight and get passengers where they need to be in speeds which cannot be reached by any other type of aircraft. What makes them great is their comfort and efficiency. Any client will be more than impressed if you turn up in a stylish midsize jet.

Some of the most popular midsize jets at the moment include:

  1. Citation III / VI / VIII
  2. Citation Excel
  3. Dassault Falcon 200
  4. Hawker 125-800 / 800 XP
  5. Hawker 1000
  6. Lear 60

Super Midsize jets

All midsize jets can comfortably seat up to ten passengers. They all benefit from having spacious cabins as well as a plethora of state of the art features in both the cockpit and servicing passengers. If you are looking at chartering one of these special aircraft for your business or personal needs, take a look at the aircraft below, these are the finest super midsize jets on the market at the moment:

  1. Cessna Citation Sovereign
  2. Citation X
  3. Citation XLS
  4. Challenger 300
  5. Falcon 50 / Falcon 50 EX
  6. Gulfstream 200
  7. Raytheon Hawker 4000

Wide bodied and long range jets

This category of aircraft offer spacious cabins as well as luxurious interiors which are fit for any type passenger. Wide bodied and long range jets are especially popular with VIP’s and business passengers, this is due to their extensive range and wonderfully crafted interiors. They can reach most airports across the world from London or Paris and are leased by many large charter companies who are travelling to a wide range of destinations worldwide. These types of aircraft can carry around ten to fourteen passengers in luxury and comfort.

The most popular jets are the Challenger 604 and the Embraer Legacy, below we have more of the world’s most popular jets of this type.

  1. Challenger 604
  2. Dornier 328 Jet VIP
  3. Embraer Legacy
  4. Falcon 2000 / Falcon 2000 EX
  5. Falcon 900 B / EX
  6. Gulfstream G450

Large and long-ranged jets

These types of jet are built to accommodate a large number of passengers and are able to fly long haul journey. They are fully equipped with the latest in cabin technology and are decked out to offer complete passenger satisfaction.

These are the most popular large and long range business jets on the market at the moment which are leased out by charter companies:

  1. Dassault Falcon 7X
  2. Bombardier Global 5000
  3. Bombardier Global XRS
  4. Gulfstream V
  5. Global Express


Airliners are the first choice for larger groups, companies, sports teams, or holiday companies who are looking to fly their passengers anywhere in the world. They serve as long haul, luxury or corporate aircraft. They are able to land at all of the world’s largest airports whilst having an excellent capacity for cargo.

If you are looking for a convenient and efficient way to travel, look no further than private jet hire or air charter for business. Aircraft charter is an excellent option for businesses, individuals or holiday companies who are looking for a swift and efficient way to travel between destinations all across the world. Take a look at the rest of the Charter Private Jets website for more information on how you can get the most of your air charter services, or which service is the best for you, your client or your company.