Air Taxi Charter

What is an Air Taxi?

‘Air Taxi’ might seem like a prop from Back To The Future, but it’s a wonderful way to travel and it’s widely available today. People generally order air taxis because they are a quick, efficient, and luxurious way to travel for a special occasion. More often than not, air taxis are particularly useful for individuals who need to fly to multiple events within one day. There are several air charter companies that provide air taxis and they are generally consistent in price and quality. As a general rule, when you hire an air taxi, the rate is hourly based on your itinerary. They also tend to accommodate a small numbers of individuals, depending on the size of your aircraft.

There are numerous benefits to hiring an air taxi. One of the main advantages is that you can travel according to your own schedule; this means that you are not dependent upon commercial aircrafts to reach your destination. Furthermore, air taxis can be useful for a significant array of individuals. Whether your employer is a politician, or involved in the business sector, there are many occasions where an air taxi can save time. In fact, this is the primary reason why people hire air taxis. Like regular taxis, they are much quicker and more independent than regular forms of public transport.

How does an Air Taxi work?

An air taxi is a very simple mode of travel and can be catered around your individual needs. When you order an air taxi, all you need to do is inform the company about your itinerary and the number of travellers. You won’t need to worry about baggage size or queuing; everything will be taken care of upon arrival.

Given that the size of air taxis are generally smaller, the aircrafts are primarily used to travel domestically. For this reason, air taxis will not be suitable for journeys which exceed over 2000 miles. They are also best suited to smaller parties (not exceeding 5 people). If you need to accommodate more individuals, then you may wish to consider an alternative aircraft (such as a mid-size jet).

Benefits of Air Taxi

We’ve already seen some of the main benefits of hiring an air taxi for a special occasion. However, there are many reasons why air taxis continue to be a popular mode of travel even beyond business events. Here is a summary of the most important points that you need to know.