Air Charter Service

Aircraft charter is a truly luxurious way to travel. It gets you from A to B quickly whilst you simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Whether you are travelling on a business or a leisure basis, a journey by an air charter service will be a thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable one - that is guaranteed. As far back as the last decade, it has been noted that charter planes have steadily increased in popularity because many commercial flights are becoming less convenient and less comfortable for many passengers.

Air charter service is one of the most popular forms of travel for busy executives, sports stars, musicians and actors who need to get where they’re going quickly and comfortably. It is much more enjoyable a form of travel than your conventional commercial plane journey, because the experience can be tailored to the exact needs of each individual passenger (or set of passengers).

You can travel by aircraft charter to the other side of the world in style, but you can even get an aircraft charter flight within your own country, not compromising on the luxury and the experience even though the flight is fairly short. There are a great many options.

Aircraft charter is the favourite way to travel for many people across the world - from celebrities, to athletes, to busy professionals and businesspeople. Many of these people need to travel both long and short distances in short spaces of time, so aircraft charter makes for the ideal means of transportation for them. Sometimes their travel arrangements need to be changed at the last minute - either brought forward or sprung upon them, so the aircraft charter option means that they can quickly get to where they need to go, without enduring an uncomfortable or hectic flight.

Unlike your conventional commercial flight, on an aircraft charter flight you can truly relax and enjoy the ride. The level of comfort of an aircraft charter flight is something to behold - with large, padded seats and bags of legroom (at least), you can stretch out and relax. Many private charter aircraft are laid out like a lounge, meaning that it’s not just any old flight with dozens of seats facing forward; some have specially fitted sofas and tables - which are great for passengers who need to get a bit of work done whilst they’re on the flight.

Air charter services are very popular amongst businesses who operate in more than one country and have to travel between each quickly - it allows them to get there fast without causing any stress or hassle. Here is a Forbes article which explains the advantages of flying by privately chartered aircraft.

The beauty of flying by aircraft charter is that the experience is what you make of it - you don’t really get a choice on most commercial flights (even in the first class section), but with your own private air charter flight you can choose to spend the flight however you like. You can indulge in the in-flight entertainment systems such as the televisions and music systems - choosing what you want to watch or listen to. Alternatively, you can simply get on with some work if you like or read a book or magazine in peace. It is a truly enjoyable lounging experience - just on-board an aircraft.


One of the most popular forms of charter aircraft are private jets - ranging in sizes and specifications. They all have one thing in common though: they all offer an unbelievable level of comfort and style simultaneously, and the luxurious interiors can quite literally be configured to fit a handful of passengers or, say, 50 or 60. Whether there are five of you or 50, a charter aircraft journey is guaranteed to be one you will thoroughly enjoy and want to repeat the next time you need to travel far away or fast (or both).

Light jets

These are the jets you would charter if you only need to fit five or so people in. They are generally configured to fit between one and two handfuls of people in, and though they are small in comparison to other charter aircraft, they don’t feel small inside. With understatedly lavish interiors, these are the types of charter flights you can enjoy with a drink or two and a paper.

Light jets are usually better suited to short range journeys, and there is generally no flight attendant, so they are great for those who’d just like a bit of privacy and a hassle-free trip. You may even be able to get 40 winks in if you need to, which could have you raring to go once you land. Here are some popular light jets to give you an idea of what sort of size you’re looking at, and the speeds at which you can travel. Light jets would be perfect for short European journeys, as they’re comfy enough to keep you contented for a couple of hours.

Midsize jets

Whilst light jets are perhaps better suited to five people or so, medium sized jets are perfect for between six and eight passengers. They are slightly bigger in size and a little more spacious too, and you can usually opt to have a flight attendant present on the flight, who will offer exclusive and excellent service. Because they are in between the light and heavy jet sizes, many medium sized jets climb faster after take off and get going quickly. This is great for small groups of people who need to get to their destination quickly but want to enjoy a classy ride. Again, like the light aircraft, these medium sized jets are better suited to shorter journeys, so they are ideal for travelling across or within Europe.

Super midsize jets

Able to accommodate a few more passengers than the previous size category, super medium sized jets simply take the experience up a notch again. They usually house between 10 and a dozen people, and tend to include a flight attendant as standard, so you can be sure that your journey will be free of stress and hassle, and you can sit back and enjoy the superb and friendly service from your flight attendant, who will take care of all your food and drinks.

You will also of course be able to enjoy some in-flight entertainment, which you may be appreciative of if you’re travelling quite far - many of these super midsize jets can take on transatlantic journeys, meaning you can fly to the United States in a truly elegant and personal fashion. This is ideal for those who need to travel to a big business meeting, or celebrities such as actors who need to get to a film premiere or a similar such event. The range of most super midsize jets is generally around the distance between London and New York, but due to continuous advancements, the range of these jets is increasing too.

No matter how far you’re flying, you’ll be fed well and be able to relax on the sofa-like seats afterwards with a nice coffee or a glass of champagne - you can truly enjoy the experience.

Heavy jets

As their category name does suggest, heavy jets offer a huge amount of space as well as that signature private jet feeling of luxury and an exclusive and executive atmosphere. With even comfier and larger seating and lounging areas, heavy jets really do give you the feeling of being in an exclusive airport lounge or even a swanky bar. With magnificent in-flight entertainment capabilities, you can stay occupied no matter what - which is especially useful as you’re bound to be flying longer distances in a heavy jet. As most are able to fly around 6,000 (some a bit further than that), the heavy jet is perfect in size and capacity for a transatlantic flight.

Typically housing between 12 and 16 passengers, heavy jets always come with your very own flight attendant who can ensure your comfort and enjoyment at all times - they’ll bring you your drinks and your food, and will do everything in their power to make sure you get from A to B in style.


There are narrow-bodied airliners and wide-bodied ones, and both are designed to transport large groups in superb comfort. Your airbuses and Boeing planes are the types of aircraft which fit into this category - but be assured that chartered airliners are a cut above your average commercial flights. They can be tailored to meet your in-flight needs, and you’ll be able to enjoy a great deal of in-flight entertainment if you so wish, or you can be left in peace and comfort to read your book or get on with some work.

The flight attendants will make sure that you never go thirsty or hungry, and your every need will be met. Airliners are a lot larger than the aforementioned jets, but make no mistake - the same sense of elegance and exclusive atmosphere applies.

Executive airliners

For the most elaborate and high-scale private air charter flight experience, the executive airliner is the kind of aircraft you may want to look at. Classified by some as small airbuses - in terms of the size of the aircraft as a whole - there are many different sorts of executive airliners available for charter services. There are some which can seat around 50 people - all in comfortable and spacious seats with a great deal of leg room (much like a more luxurious commercial flight). Then there are other executive airliners which are laid out to accommodate less passengers but have interiors which are out of this world; plenty of different seating areas, dining areas and even a lounge-like area, and absolutely bags of space. This is elite travel which offers all passengers an undoubtedly fantastic journey - regardless of the duration.


Superb for short distances - and especially when you need to get somewhere quickly which doesn’t have an airport or a great landing strip - helicopters can provide the perfect travel solution for many. They tend to seat four or five people typically, though you can get some helicopters which will accommodate up to nine people. The great thing about helicopters is the low cost in comparison to light jets and such aircraft, meaning that especially if there are only two or three of you travelling, a helicopter could be exactly what you need to get from A to B efficiently. With a typical range of no more than a thousand kilometres, helicopters can be perfect for travel within the same country. Here are some very elaborate and luxurious helicopters which will give you an idea of the potential of such aircraft.

Piston aircraft

Somebody who wants to travel a fair distance but not pay as much as they would with a light jet or other executive jets should look at piston aircraft charter services. It’s a much more economical choice but the flight will still be an extremely pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Why travel by chartered aircraft?

There are few forms of travel more exclusive or enjoyable than a chartered aircraft flight. The passenger’s comfort is paramount and the entire experience is geared towards providing the best possible service. Chartered aircraft offer a perfect means of transport for celebrities or VIPs who need (or would simply like) to keep a lower profile and travel discreetly. The great thing about chartered aircraft for such VIPs is the level of privacy they enable you to enjoy - one can simply switch off if they like and not be bothered throughout the entire flight, or they can get on with some work because they are in a comfortable and spacious environment which is tailored for them.

There are a great many options for those who want to travel by chartered aircraft - there are all different sized ones to choose from and ones which are designed to travel different distances. All of them, however, are designed to maximise the comfort of each and every passenger, and ensure that the journey is a pleasant and memorable one. If there are half a dozen of you or ten times that, you can be sure that there will be an aircraft charter service you can enjoy which will perfectly suit your needs, and there will be one that can take you wherever you want to go. Private jet hire is the ultimate way to travel, whether you need a charter for business or leisure.