Private Jet Charter

When it comes to air charter, if you’re looking for an easy way to travel that takes you away from normal commuter options, it would be the ideal option. With a vast selection of private jet hire options available to you, there will definitely be something available for you, including everything from helicopter charter to air taxi hire. Not only this, but you can also find charter for business that will allow you to transport practically your entire company to special events, conferences and more, and you’ll also be able to find air cargo charter.

No matter what your charter needs are, finding the best air charter service for you will be incredibly easy. If you’ve the financial ability to pay for this more expensive, but more commuter-friendly, travel option, you’ll certainly be thankful for it, as air charter is an excellent way to get from A to B in as easy a way as possible.

How to charter a plane

If you want to find an air charter service that will give you the travel options you need, all you have to do is take a quick look online to find charter companies that suit your requirements. The one you opt for in the end will depend on the type of charter you need, and this is where will provide you with all of the help and assistance you need.

We’ve detailed everything you need to know about air charter on the following pages, and you can find a brief overview of the best charter choices on this page.

Whether you need to find out more about charter for business or how to charter a plane, you’ll be able to get the facts you need at, which has been created by experts within the charter industry to ensure you get the very best information possible.

Who is air charter for?

Obviously, not everyone can enjoy the benefits the air charter services bring. While air charter is more expensive than ‘normal’ transport options, it does bring many plus sides to it, and so it’s the preferred method of travel for many.

Those that travel via helicopter and air charter are often people in the following types of roles:

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and there will be many more people that choose to charter jets, planes and everything in between. If you can afford to do it, you should definitely consider choosing to go for air charter, as it will make getting to where you need to be so much easier, and much more comfortable.

You can enjoy landing at a private airport, avoiding the stress and crowds at airports, or even landing exactly on the building you need to be in should you choose to travel via helicopter.

Do you think air charter is for you? Read on to find out more about the benefits of air charter, and what it can do for you and your business.

Aircraft Charter

Aircraft charter is a truly luxurious way to travel. It gets you from A to B quickly whilst you simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Whether you are travelling on a business or a leisure basis, a journey by an air charter service will be a thoroughly enjoyable and comfortable one - that is guaranteed. As far back as the last decade, it has been noted that charter planes have steadily increased in popularity because many commercial flights are becoming less convenient and less comfortable for many passengers.

Air charter service is one of the most popular forms of travel for busy executives, sports stars, musicians and actors who need to get where they’re going quickly and comfortably. It is much more enjoyable a form of travel than your conventional commercial plane journey, because the experience can be tailored to the exact needs of each individual passenger (or set of passengers).

You can travel by aircraft charter to the other side of the world in style, but you can even get an aircraft charter flight within your own country, not compromising on the luxury and the experience even though the flight is fairly short. There are a great many options.

Aircraft charter is the favourite way to travel for many people across the world - from celebrities, to athletes, to busy professionals and businesspeople. Many of these people need to travel both long and short distances in short spaces of time, so aircraft charter makes for the ideal means of transportation for them. Sometimes their travel arrangements need to be changed at the last minute - either brought forward or sprung upon them, so the aircraft charter option means that they can quickly get to where they need to go, without enduring an uncomfortable or hectic flight.

Unlike your conventional commercial flight, on an aircraft charter flight you can truly relax and enjoy the ride. The level of comfort of an aircraft charter flight is something to behold - with large, padded seats and bags of legroom (at least), you can stretch out and relax. Many private charter aircraft are laid out like a lounge, meaning that it’s not just any old flight with dozens of seats facing forward; some have specially fitted sofas and tables - which are great for passengers who need to get a bit of work done whilst they’re on the flight.

Air charter services are very popular amongst businesses who operate in more than one country and have to travel between each quickly - it allows them to get there fast without causing any stress or hassle. Here is a Forbes article which explains the advantages of flying by privately chartered aircraft.

The beauty of flying by aircraft charter is that the experience is what you make of it - you don’t really get a choice on most commercial flights (even in the first class section), but with your own private air charter flight you can choose to spend the flight however you like. You can indulge in the in-flight entertainment systems such as the televisions and music systems - choosing what you want to watch or listen to. Alternatively, you can simply get on with some work if you like or read a book or magazine in peace. It is a truly enjoyable lounging experience - just on-board an aircraft.


One of the most popular forms of charter aircraft are private jets - ranging in sizes and specifications. They all have one thing in common though: they all offer an unbelievable level of comfort and style simultaneously, and the luxurious interiors can quite literally be configured to fit a handful of passengers or, say, 50 or 60. Whether there are five of you or 50, a charter aircraft journey is guaranteed to be one you will thoroughly enjoy and want to repeat the next time you need to travel far away or fast (or both).

Light jets

These are the jets you would charter if you only need to fit five or so people in. They are generally configured to fit between one and two handfuls of people in, and though they are small in comparison to other charter aircraft, they don’t feel small inside. With understatedly lavish interiors, these are the types of charter flights you can enjoy with a drink or two and a paper.

Light jets are usually better suited to short range journeys, and there is generally no flight attendant, so they are great for those who’d just like a bit of privacy and a hassle-free trip. You may even be able to get 40 winks in if you need to, which could have you raring to go once you land. Here are some popular light jets to give you an idea of what sort of size you’re looking at, and the speeds at which you can travel. Light jets would be perfect for short European journeys, as they’re comfy enough to keep you contented for a couple of hours.

Midsize jets

Whilst light jets are perhaps better suited to five people or so, medium sized jets are perfect for between six and eight passengers. They are slightly bigger in size and a little more spacious too, and you can usually opt to have a flight attendant present on the flight, who will offer exclusive and excellent service. Because they are in between the light and heavy jet sizes, many medium sized jets climb faster after take off and get going quickly. This is great for small groups of people who need to get to their destination quickly but want to enjoy a classy ride. Again, like the light aircraft, these medium sized jets are better suited to shorter journeys, so they are ideal for travelling across or within Europe.

Super midsize jets

Able to accommodate a few more passengers than the previous size category, super medium sized jets simply take the experience up a notch again. They usually house between 10 and a dozen people, and tend to include a flight attendant as standard, so you can be sure that your journey will be free of stress and hassle, and you can sit back and enjoy the superb and friendly service from your flight attendant, who will take care of all your food and drinks.

You will also of course be able to enjoy some in-flight entertainment, which you may be appreciative of if you’re travelling quite far - many of these super midsize jets can take on transatlantic journeys, meaning you can fly to the United States in a truly elegant and personal fashion. This is ideal for those who need to travel to a big business meeting, or celebrities such as actors who need to get to a film premiere or a similar such event. The range of most super midsize jets is generally around the distance between London and New York, but due to continuous advancements, the range of these jets is increasing too.

No matter how far you’re flying, you’ll be fed well and be able to relax on the sofa-like seats afterwards with a nice coffee or a glass of champagne - you can truly enjoy the experience.

Heavy jets

As their category name does suggest, heavy jets offer a huge amount of space as well as that signature private jet feeling of luxury and an exclusive and executive atmosphere. With even comfier and larger seating and lounging areas, heavy jets really do give you the feeling of being in an exclusive airport lounge or even a swanky bar. With magnificent in-flight entertainment capabilities, you can stay occupied no matter what - which is especially useful as you’re bound to be flying longer distances in a heavy jet. As most are able to fly around 6,000 (some a bit further than that), the heavy jet is perfect in size and capacity for a transatlantic flight.

Typically housing between 12 and 16 passengers, heavy jets always come with your very own flight attendant who can ensure your comfort and enjoyment at all times - they’ll bring you your drinks and your food, and will do everything in their power to make sure you get from A to B in style.


There are narrow-bodied airliners and wide-bodied ones, and both are designed to transport large groups in superb comfort. Your airbuses and Boeing planes are the types of aircraft which fit into this category - but be assured that chartered airliners are a cut above your average commercial flights. They can be tailored to meet your in-flight needs, and you’ll be able to enjoy a great deal of in-flight entertainment if you so wish, or you can be left in peace and comfort to read your book or get on with some work.

The flight attendants will make sure that you never go thirsty or hungry, and your every need will be met. Airliners are a lot larger than the aforementioned jets, but make no mistake - the same sense of elegance and exclusive atmosphere applies.

Executive airliners

For the most elaborate and high-scale private air charter flight experience, the executive airliner is the kind of aircraft you may want to look at. Classified by some as small airbuses - in terms of the size of the aircraft as a whole - there are many different sorts of executive airliners available for charter services. There are some which can seat around 50 people - all in comfortable and spacious seats with a great deal of leg room (much like a more luxurious commercial flight). Then there are other executive airliners which are laid out to accommodate less passengers but have interiors which are out of this world; plenty of different seating areas, dining areas and even a lounge-like area, and absolutely bags of space. This is elite travel which offers all passengers an undoubtedly fantastic journey - regardless of the duration.


Superb for short distances - and especially when you need to get somewhere quickly which doesn’t have an airport or a great landing strip - helicopters can provide the perfect travel solution for many. They tend to seat four or five people typically, though you can get some helicopters which will accommodate up to nine people. The great thing about helicopters is the low cost in comparison to light jets and such aircraft, meaning that especially if there are only two or three of you travelling, a helicopter could be exactly what you need to get from A to B efficiently. With a typical range of no more than a thousand kilometres, helicopters can be perfect for travel within the same country. Here are some very elaborate and luxurious helicopters which will give you an idea of the potential of such aircraft.

Piston aircraft

Somebody who wants to travel a fair distance but not pay as much as they would with a light jet or other executive jets should look at piston aircraft charter services. It’s a much more economical choice but the flight will still be an extremely pleasant and hassle-free experience.

Why travel by chartered aircraft?

There are few forms of travel more exclusive or enjoyable than a chartered aircraft flight. The passenger’s comfort is paramount and the entire experience is geared towards providing the best possible service. Chartered aircraft offer a perfect means of transport for celebrities or VIPs who need (or would simply like) to keep a lower profile and travel discreetly. The great thing about chartered aircraft for such VIPs is the level of privacy they enable you to enjoy - one can simply switch off if they like and not be bothered throughout the entire flight, or they can get on with some work because they are in a comfortable and spacious environment which is tailored for them.

There are a great many options for those who want to travel by chartered aircraft - there are all different sized ones to choose from and ones which are designed to travel different distances. All of them, however, are designed to maximise the comfort of each and every passenger, and ensure that the journey is a pleasant and memorable one. If there are half a dozen of you or ten times that, you can be sure that there will be an aircraft charter service you can enjoy which will perfectly suit your needs, and there will be one that can take you wherever you want to go. Private jet hire is the ultimate way to travel, whether you need a charter for business or leisure.

Private Jet hire

Chartering your own private jet can be one of the most enjoyable, luxurious experiences a person can have. Travelling by private jet gives you benefits in both flexibility and convenience. Utilising a private aviation service is a great way to reach a meeting in complete comfort, or a way to arrive at a special occasion in style. Private jet hire can cater for any situation, including door to door service, various choices of cuisine, fine wines and anything else that can make your journey more comfortable.

Private jet charter means that you can avoid any of the delays & stress of airport security, as well enjoying privacy, comfort and flexibility that public planes and airports don’t offer. A lot of private jet hire companies will offer some of the most competitive and cost effective prices, based on a per seat basis. In certain cases, it may be competitive with various first or even business class scheduled flights.

How do private jet hire companies work?

Private jet hire companies connects customers with some of the highest quality jets around the world. They can range from turboprops, small jets, long range jets and even airliners. Private jet hire can be a great alternative if you don’t want to spend money on actually securing a private jet. Alot of the time, when hiring a private jet, you don’t have to pay membership fees or any acquisition costs. There are also no maintenance fees to worry about, seeing as the company will take care of that aspect of the jet.

Private jets can accommodate many different situations. If you want to impress a business client then you be interested in a jet with a boardroom. The Boeing business jet is fitted with a conference room, bedrooms, showers, a lounge, TV’s and full catering and dining facilities. This can also be a great way to get to an important business meeting or conference that may be quite a distance away.

Private jet hire benefits

Commercial flights often put people off because of their lack of versatility. Most private jet hire companies will travel to anywhere in the world. They will source the closest airport to your destination, allowing you to exactly where you need to be.

A lot of people want to take their pets with them on holiday with them. Some of the biggest commercial plane companies don’t allow people to take animals on board, for the reason that they may disturb other passengers, or become a nuisance. If you hire a private jet, there is normally no problem with you bringing your pet on board. Providing they have a pet passport, your pet can join you wherever you go journey to in the world.

When most people fly in first or business class, they are still stuck on a standard, commercial airliner. You don’t have the full personal space you may want when on a long flight. Private hire jet companies have a dedicated team of consultants that can tailor your requirements so that you get the perfect jet. This can range from small business jets, VIP airliners, cargo planes and even an air ambulance. When you hire a jet, you can be sure that your expectations and experiences will be blown away with the massive choice of jets that you have.

A majorly off putting aspect of commercial air flights is dates and times. When you book a standard plane, you have an exact date that you have to be there. The majority of journeys require you to be checked in and waiting for anywhere between one and two hours. That isn’t even taking into consideration any security times that may occur; these times can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to numerous amount of hours. With private jet hire, there is barely any waiting around. You simply need to be there 15 minutes before departure.

If you have multiple meetings in a single day, most private hire jet companies will be more than happy to transport you to the various destinations throughout the day. You can be in Manchester for a meeting in the morning, in Paris for an executive lunch, and Munich for drinks with clients by evening. They will do their best to ensure you can be at your set of destinations in reasonable time.

Most commercial flight providers have no understanding that meetings and events may go over a set time. They will leave without you, giving you two decisions. You can either leave earlier and miss out, or you will miss the flight and have to pay more for another flight. Private jet companies understand that business trips and events can overrun incredibly easy. They won’t leave until have have got on board.

Sometimes you may need a private jet in a short space of time. Emergencies can appear out of nowhere with very little notice, and a lot of the private jet hire companies are available to accommodate to these situations. The most competitive of jet hire companies can get you a jet within a 2 hour period of confirmation. That is an incredibly fast time in any situation.

Space is a concern a lot of people have when flying commercially. There are bag restrictions that not only affect the size, but also the weight. Jets can carry anywhere from 1 to 200 people. One of the worlds biggest planes, the Antonov AN-225 can take up to 250,000kg. There will always be a jet that can accommodate even the heaviest of loads.

Catering is an experience that most people want to have when hiring a private jet. A lot of jet hire companies have a dedicated kitchen team that will design menus that are best suited to whatever your situation is. They will provide some of the highest standard of food and service that should be expected with executive aircraft industry. Flights can cater no matter what you want, whether it be sandwiches, crisps, fizzy drinks ,fish fingers, lobster, veal, caviar and champagne, your tastes will always be catered for.


Light jets

Light jets have quickly established themselves as a staple of the business jet industry. The help to provide access to small airports, and they have the speed to be an effective mode of air travel. In recent years, new light jets have been setting the bar in terms of aircraft speed, comfort and affordability. They are often used for travel between a single country, although some models do have the capability of travelling overseas.

Key statistics of light jets

The Sino Swearingen is a unique light jet. It is one of the most fuel efficient air vehicle, maintaining this capability even when travelling at high speeds. It can fly between any two cities in the US, and even completes certain intercontinental flights. It has five seats, only needs a single pilot, and an additional passenger can ride in the cockpit. No other light aircraft comes even near to the Sino Swearingen in either speed or range.

Midsize jets

Depending on the type of air travel you are expecting to do, it be the deciding factor on the type of jet you require. A midsize jet aircraft combines the flight, distance, comfort and speed that you would expect from a larger private or business jet aircraft. These aircrafts are suitable for longer range travel such as transcontinental flights, or journeys with a large passenger capacity requirements. They often have superior cabin space, giving you enough room for for luggage during long journeys. They use the best features from both light and heavy jets, making the one of the most popular jet type on the market.

Key statistics of midsize jets

The Gulfstream is the world’s ultimate long range business jet. With an impressive travel distance of 6,750 nm, it can easily travel from New York to Tokyo, even against some of the strongest winds. The cabin is one of the most sophisticated and comfortable spaces you can find. There is plenty of space, and seats can be moved so that people can spend as much time, or little, as they want. It’s easy to see why the Gulfstream has so many awards.

Heavy jets

The elite class of the business and private jet aircrafts are the heavy jets. They feature wide body cabin space, high altitude capabilities, speed, and some of the longest range capabilities out of any type of jet. These ultra luxurious private jets combines its long range transatlantic capabilities with the speed and comfort of a high altitude aircraft. They can have the most passengers in at one time, allowing large groups of people go on journeys. They often offer the most space, with features such as bedrooms and boardrooms, there is something there for everyone. Some even have a dedicated bar space, with a member of staff to sort out any drinks you desire.

Key statistics of heavy jets

The Bombadier is a heavy aircraft that proves to be one of the best in the whole range. For a pilot, it is a joy to fly. Setting up the aircraft is incredibly quick, and it lets you fly straight away. It can easily fly from London to Dubai in only one fuel load. The main cabin is incredibly luxurious. It has highly polished wood grain and white, leather chairs. All the tables can fold out, allowing you to have more space for various activities.

The range of private jets that there are to hire is almost inumerous. Actually taking a journey in a private jets can be one of the most enjoyable experiences there is. The way that they are designed with the most comfort in mind makes them a joy to spend time in. With a range of food on offer and destinations to travel to, hiring a jet can offer some of the most luxurious activities there are to have.

Charter for Business

Getting to and from a business meeting is all about preparation and timing. While it’s sometimes suitable enough to use public transport, there are occasions when a jet charter is the most efficient and impressive way to travel. Whether you are journeying over a long distance, or need to take an entire company from A to B, a charter jet can be hugely beneficial. In addition to this, there are also various methods of travel available for employers. Aircraft charter, private jet hire, and helicopter charter all have their own advantages in terms of speed and quality of service. Much of this will depend on the nature of your travel; for instance, private jet hire is hugely beneficial for individuals who are flying with guests and wish to make a good impression. A helicopter, additionally, offers a fantastic opportunity for people who are travelling domestically.

With this in mind, it’s always beneficial for PAs and individuals to do their research before booking a charter. Not all air charter services are the same, moreover, so it’s important to explore all of the options which can suit you. There are many considerations which need attention (such as distance, speed, and service) so it’s vitally important that you explore all options before making a final decision.

If you are unfamiliar with private chartering, or would just like to learn more, here is a detailed summary of all the key points. If you require a jargon-buster to air charter flying, additionally, then you can click here.

Why should I choose private air chartering?

We’ve already seen several examples of why private air chartering can be useful for individuals who need to travel quickly and in style. However, there are many more reasons why private air chartering continues to be a symbol of prestige. These are some of the main reasons why personal assistants will book private aircrafts on behalf of their employers:

Which type of people can benefit from private chartering?

Given that there are many benefits associated with flying privately, there are also a significant number of people who choose this mode of travel. Whether your employer is in the business sector, is a politician, or even a celebrity; there is a vast array of groups and individuals who choose private air chartering. Here is a summary of some of the most regular users of air chartering:

Which types of occasions are best suited to private chartering?

There are so many occasions which can be made all the more enjoyable by private air chartering. Whether you are travelling as an individual, or as part of a medium-large sized group, private air chartering can be incredibly useful. Here are some of the most popular sectors/events in which people charter aircrafts for:

Private jets, helicopters, executive airlines… What’s the best option?

As we’ve seen, there are many groups of people and sectors which can benefit from air charter travel. However, it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain which type of flight will be suitable for a particular occasion. There are many options available and each mode of travel has its own advantages. Here is an overview of the most common types of chartered air travel:

If you would like to learn more about the variety of aircrafts available to charter, then click here.

Charter for Business: a summary

Air chartering can be a wonderful option for individuals who want to travel efficiently and in style. There are many advantages to flying privately, including the speed, cost, and quality of service involved in flying on a jet and plane. In addition to this, there are a variety of sectors and individuals who can benefit from this type of travelling. Some of the most common reasons include people travelling for business and to remote locations throughout the world (particularly in the oil and gas industry). Regardless of your purpose, chartered air travel remains a prestigious and effective way to travel both domestically and internationally.

When it comes to booking a flight on behalf of your employer, there are a number of considerations you may wish to think about. It’s important to do your research and ascertain their travel needs. How long are they travelling for? In what way will they benefit from private travelling? How many people will need to be catered for? Once you have addressed these issues, it will be much easier to choose an appropriate mode of transportation. From helicopters, to private aircraft charter, there is something to suit every purpose of elite travel.

Helicopter Charter

If you looking for exclusive air charter hire or private jet hire, you have come to the right place. We have all the information you need about private charter jet prices, helicopter charter and air taxi’s as a whole. If you want to find out how to charter a plane or what you need to do to charter for business, do not hesitate to have a look around the Charter Private Jets Website. We are more than happy to help with any enquiries in order to help you get the perfect transportation solution for your specific business or personal needs.

You need to charter a helicopter for pleasure or business, either way, it can be most efficient and memorable way to travel. Helicopters are a fast, flexible and affordable way of getting from A to B. They are extremely versatile vehicles as almost any type of location can be reached with ease. Helicopter flights are ideal for journeys of around an hour, most large helicopters have an endurance of 2 hours which makes them great for doing business up and down Britain and in northern European countries.

Affordable helicopter travel has made it easy to travel between 2 - 3 locations within one day. This is great for businesses because more Appointments can then be met. Many executives love travelling by helicopter because they can get all their business done before then heading home and getting to bed at a normal time!

Helicopter charter allows for fast and comfortable travel for both business and personal trips, short breaks and special events. The main reasons that Helicopters are chartered are:

Below you will find information on helicopter business charter as well as charter for private use, at Charter Private Jets we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of information, answering all your helicopter and aircraft chartering questions.

Business Charter

Chartering a helicopter for business is a safe, cost effective and highly efficient point to point travel option, after all, being stuck in traffic really is a waste of time. Why not charter a helicopter in order to travel swiftly to those all important meetings. It can be less expensive per passenger mile than is widely imagined by the general public.

The benefits of being able to travel by helicopter for business include:

You are able to conduct business on board and stay in contact with the office whilst in the air, no time needs to be lost. Many helicopter charter companies will arrange for takeoff and landing to be as close to your destination as possible, whilst boarding procedures will always be quick and hassle free. This means you can arrive at your meeting without the stresses of rushing through airport security, chartering a helicopter can really add a new dimension to your lifestyle whilst having many positive economic benefits.

Business travel in a helicopter makes customer service as easy as possible, you are able to maximise your working week, increasing productivity and fitting many more important dates into your busy schedule. You will be able to have meetings in London, Newcastle or Dublin all in one day, with no worries about travelling between the destinations.

More and more business travel is now being carried out by helicopters, it is incredibly easy to book whilst the benefits of getting to conferences, new product launches, meetings or any other events in an efficient, yet discreet manner cannot be beaten.

There are so many great things about helicopter charter, you are able to pick your exact departure time, location and any services you require when onboard. In the modern business world many leading business people need to juggle various projects whilst remaining relaxed and punctual. The luxury that comes from private helicopter charter just cannot be found on trains or on the motorway, you can also make yourself stand out. Who wouldn't want to do business with the man or woman who travels by helicopter, the benefits really are comprehensive.

Helicopter travel between major UK business cities and business centres across Europe is growing extremely quickly. London is a major centre for helicopter charter operations and with the ability to fly by helicopter, cities like Paris, Geneva, Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt are only a short helicopter ride away. Take a look around the rest of our website to find out more information on chartering your own aircraft or helicopter for business usage, we have a wealth of information to keep you and you clients in the know.

Personal charter

Helicopter charter is now a viable option for many individuals, this could mean travelling to public events or to weddings for example. A helicopter is really the ultimate way to arrive in style. Some of the benefits of personal helicopter travel include:

Many VIP’s use helicopter travel as a special way to travel to race meetings like the Grand National, Royal Ascot and Cheltenham. Others use their capabilities to attend events like the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Goodwood Festival of Speed or Glastonbury Festival in Somerset.

During Goodwood one year, one company used 10 aircraft to fly 180 passengers to the event whilst also flying 1,435 passengers around the event, totalling 64 flying hours over the four day event. This goes to show how popular helicopter travel has become, there are many private charter packages out there which can take a group of people to and from any event.

Charter companies now make it possible for customers to arrange helicopter trips as special gifts. There are many enjoyable reasons to enjoy a helicopter flight - you can really add a touch of class to any weekend, a helicopter can make a hugely memorable difference to any special occasion.

Helicopter charters are an affordable and convenient way to avoid traffic jams and delays, meaning you won’t miss a thing if you are travelling to a special event. Being able to land directly at hotels, restaurants, spas and other world class venues means you can get the most from your visit whilst impressing other visitors with your arrival! The rapid transit which helicopter travel offers means that there is no time wasted, there is no need to spend time stuck in traffic when your client could be indulging in their fishing or shooting weekend.

Most helicopter charter companies have a wide selection of helicopters so they can cater for each customers specific needs. They will look at your situation and provide you with the exact model you need, you will then be able to attend all social or sporting events you wish to during those busy and sociable summer months.

What would you get when chartering a helicopter?

You may enquiring about helicopter charter as a personal assistant to a leading business person, or possibly for private occasion, It is still very important to understand the service which you will receive on the day. You will always be able to tailor your journey to suit yourself, many companies offer a number of additional extras which make aim to make your day as easy as can be.

With most charter agencies, they will include extras including chauffeur driven cars, reservations of hotels and restaurant as well as other things like aerial photography (for private hire). Of course, you will have a fully licensed and experienced pilot who will ensure you get to your destination on time. Companies are extremely flexible, they will tailor your experience for you, making it as enjoyable and memorable as they possible can.

What type of helicopter could you travel in?

In the air charter industry, there are a number of companies with reputations for providing superb aircrafts, including helicopters, for their customers. It depends on which charter company that you fly with, but most will have a fleet of modern, stylish and efficient helicopters which offer both comfort and efficiency. Here are just some of the leading models which are popular at the moment for both business and private purposes:

There are airports and heliports across the United Kingdom where it is possible to travel from via helicopter. In central London there is the London Heliport, whilst in Manchester there is Barton Aerodrome. Other popular locations include London City Airport, Cambridge City Airport and Biggin Hill, it is also possible to find building premises with existing helipads, these include high rise offices or even landing in the gardens of a country manor.

The London Heliport

When choosing travel arrangements, accessibility is key. It is important that you can find the right travel arrangements for journeys to avoid time consuming journeys. The London Heliport allows for helicopters to fly right into the heart of London. Previously known as Battersea Heliport and situated on the south bank of the River Thames, the London Heliport offers quick and easy access into the heart of the City.

When planning business in London, consider this option. It allows to to avoid the traffic whilst letting you arrive in quick time. This then also leaves time for other meetings in other areas of the country during the same day.

Ascot Racecourse Heliport

Ascot Racecourse is situated in Berkshire, to the south of London, the location is served by a heliport on race days including Royal Ascot and other prestigious race meetings. Many VIP arrive at Acot during meetings after flying from across the country, the helipad allows quick access to the grounds of the rascecouse. Many groups of visitors travel from central London, it only takes less than an hour, allowing more time to be spent enjoying their day out.

You may be a business traveller and need a professional, high quality and discreet travel service which reduces time and stress whilst offering a flexible travel solution. If so, helicopter travel could really be the solution for you. Helicopter travel allows you to arrive your destination ready to do business, having travelled in comfort and privacy. Your time can be spent planning for the meeting ahead instead of worrying about chaotic travel arrangements on the roads.

Many people also charter helicopters to travel in style to social events up and down the country, being able to arrive in VIP style whilst being able to sit back and focus on the day ahead whilst all the travel details are planned for you. It is a really attractive option for lots of people, it now suits people as it is now very affordable whilst being a convenient mode of transportation.

If you are a business executive or are looking for private jet hire, helicopter charter, private jet hire or just looking for information on how to charter a plane, you can find all the information you need right here on the Charter Private Jets Website. We are the number one online source of in depth aircraft charter information.

Private Charter Jet Prices

Private charter jets can seem like they cost a lot to hire, because they’re such large aircrafts and can transport so many people. However, in the grand scheme of things, they can actually be a much more economical and financially sound investment in terms of travel, as you can move a number of people around the world for less than you might expect.

The actual amount you will pay for your jet charter will depend entirely on the private charter jet prices that your chosen air charter service provides, which will equally depend on their guidelines and rules. It’s very important that you do your research when finding the charter services that you want to use, so that you can find the cheapest charter provider around.

A lot of charter companies don’t actually own the aircraft that they provide for rental - they work as brokers for people looking to hire private jets. This means that they simply act as the middleman between customers and charter companies themselves, which removes all of the stress of dealing with these large companies yourself. This can make hiring a jet much easier, especially since you can handle everything online nowadays.

Why private jet hire prices don’t matter that much

It might surprise you to hear, but the amount you pay for your private jet hire really shouldn’t be the be all and end all of your search. You shouldn’t focus solely on the cost of your air charter; instead, you should put an equal amount of importance on the speed of the charter option you choose.

Why? Because, for a lot of charter jet customers, being able to get to where you want to go as quickly as possible is much more advantageous. As well as this, if money is not as much of an object as it may be for others, you’ll definitely not see it as of so much importance. Of course, all charter jet customers will have a maximum amount they’re willing to spend - we certainly aren’t advising that you should throw this number out of the window altogether.

Rather than worrying about the amount you’re spending, you should also factor in the speed of your journey depending on which jet, helicopter, air taxi or any other charter option you go for in the end.

As a guideline, here’s what you need to know about choosing charters for speed or price:

Journeys between one and three hours

If you’re travelling to a destination that’s between one and three hours away in travel time, you’ve got two good options available for you, depending on whether you want to prioritise speed or price.

The Piaggio Avanti is the ideal option where speed is concerned, as it can travel at a speed of 737 km/h. Meanwhile, if it’s price you care more about, the Cessna Mustang is a better option. While it travels at a faster speed (772 km/h), it also often costs a little more as it’s a higher-end model.

Journeys between three and five hours

Where journeys between three and five hours are concerned, you can choose between the Falcon 900 for speed, and the Hawker 800 XP for price.

The Falcon 900 has a cruise speed of 950 km/h, while the Hawker 800 XP’s cruise speed is 745 km/h.

Journeys between five and ten hours

There are two excellent options for speed and price for air charter choices between five and ten hours. For speed, you could opt for the Gulfstream G400, which travels at 850 km/h at altitude. For price, the Legacy 600 would be an excellent option, which travels at 790 km/h.

Journeys between ten and fifteen hours

For journeys lasting between ten and fifteen hours, the Gulfstream G650, travelling at 904 km/h, would be a great choice for speed. When it comes to price though, the Global XRS would be an equally as ideal option, as it travels at 904 km/h but is often a cheaper choice.

Journeys between fifteen and twenty hours

For journeys of this length, you’ll always need to spend a fair amount in order to find a good charter option. However, if it’s speed you’re concerned about then the Boeing BBJ would be a good choice. It travels at a speedy 890 km/h, while the Embraer 145, which is perfect for price, travels at 828 km/h.

As you can see, in most cases if you go by price you’ll end up with a slower option, which means you’ll be in the air and travelling for much longer. If you want to decrease your travel time and get to where you need to be at a faster rate, making your choice based on speed will help you considerably.

How to save money on air charter options

If you’re really determined to save as much money as possible on your air charter, you should remember that there are always some money-saving options out there.

For example, you could follow some of these tips:

Look out for last-minute deals

Some air charter companies will be willing to allow you to book air charter for less than usual if you book at the last minute, as they want to make sure that all of their jets and charter planes are in use.

Plan your trip early on

Conversely, planning in advance will often save you money overall, as you’ll be able to find the best deals around and compare prices at your leisure. As well, some companies will give you a discount for booking early.

Fly during the week

Booking chartered flights during seasonal holidays and on the weekends will usually be more expensive than booking them during the week, and at non-peak times (such as outside of Christmas, Easter, etc.).

Air charter information

As you can see, the topic of air charter is one that’s incredibly expansive, and there’s probably a lot that you never knew about it right on this page! Finding out more about air charter is very important before you choose to book anything for it, as you will always want to make sure you choose the right option at the end of the day.

Of course, a lot of the time, it isn’t the person who will actually travel via chartered jet that books their flight, as the celebrities, politicians, footballers and other types of people who rely on charter services usually have personal assistants.

If you’re a PA booking a charter flight for your boss, we hope this guide to air charter services has been useful and informative! If you’d like to find out more about any of the specific types of air charter, you can take a look at the links on the right hand side of this page to view our further guides. These will take you into much more detail about the types of aircrafts that can be chartered, as well as much more.

Why you should choose air charter services

If you’re hesitant about booking with an air charter service, the important thing to remember is that it can help you (or your employer) to make travelling much easier. Whether you have an important business meeting to attend, or your boss has to visit another country in order to close a business deal, finding the fastest - yet cheapest - transport option will make things much easier.

There are numerous benefits to opting for air charter, from the speed of transport to the comfort levels experienced on board these amazing aircrafts. A lot of the jets you’ll find on offer via charter companies come equipped with private bedrooms, comfortable seating areas, multiple bathroom facilities, on-board meal facilities and entertainment centres, so you can work or relax during your flight.

No matter what kind of journey you’re planning for, whether it’s for business or simply to travel from one point in the country to another quickly, air charter will always be the best option. There’s nothing stopping you from finding out all you need to know about air charter now so that booking in the future will be much easier, or you can simply use the website to learn more about the jet you need to charter now.

For more air charter information, visit one of our other guides that are found in the right-hand column of this page, and be sure to let us know if you think we’ve missed anything out. Our private jet charter guides are some of the most detailed on the internet, and we’ve included information on helicopter charter, air cargo hire and more. You can even find out how to charter a jet and more about private charter jet prices here, so what are you waiting for? Visit our other pages to find out more!